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Karim Mostafa is a Sweden-born photographer based in Beirut since 2011, working mainly with journalism and documentary photography. During 2011 and 2012, Karim photographed the revolution in Egypt; one year later, he was in Libya to document life one year after the anti-Gaddafi uprising. He has documented the situation for sex workers and drug users in Bangladesh, migrants being deported back to Honduras and Guatemala and the refugee community from Syria; he has photographed the first female pastor in the Middle East, hashish-growing families in the Lebanese mountains and people living in the deadliest city in the world. Karim Mostafa’s photographs have been published in international publications including The Guardian, Al Jazeera and VICE, as well as India’s The Caravan, Norway’s Aftenposten and many Swedish publications, including SvD, Fokus, Hemslöjd, OmVärlden and Vi Läser.


Read (in Swedish or English) about some of the work my journalist colleague Jenny Gustafsson and I did during the year 2014.


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